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Property Inspection Services

Property Inspection

Solid Foundation Properties, LLC offers a variety of inspection services including exterior and interior inspections, property condition reports, weather event emergency management services, quality control inspection reports as well as customized inspection services.

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Property Condition Reports

SFP request pictures before, during, and after the project to determine the presence of any damages or issues.

Resident Determination Inspections

Field representatives will knock on the door of mortgagor and/or check with neighbors to determine who is actually living in the home.

Exterior Inspections

A visual inspection to determine the overall exterior condition, including potential code violations, vandalism, or exterior damages. Exterior inspections can be performed on a recurring basis.

Field Inspections

An inspection to determine the overall physical condition of the property, if it is secured or unsecured, and the occupancy status. Determine grass height and look for damages, hazards, or possible code violations.

Habitability Inspections

A scheduled inspection, coordinated with the tenant to assess whether tenants have a safe environment in which to live. The structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components of the dwelling are checked and, if needed, general estimates for repairs are provided.

Occupancy Verifications

A visual observation to determine if the property is occupied.

Natural Disaster/Damage Inspections

A visual exterior inspection to evaluate damage from hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters.


Pre-Foreclosure inspection requirements vary by the loan type and must strictly follow the specified agency’s policies and guidelines. Pre-Foreclosure inspections will only be conducted by Solid Foundation Properties approved Inspection Vendors.

PFC Inspection Vendors will place an “Occupancy Verification Label” on properties during Exterior inspections and Contact Inspections. The label is to remain fixed to the door until the time the property is “Secured.”  The work crew performing the securing order should carefully remove the label and discard.  In the event the label causes damage to the door or frame, Solid Foundation Properties should be notified at the time of order fulfillment.

Pre-Foreclosure Offerings

  • Securing
  • On-going Lawn Maintenance
  • Trash Removal
  • Winterization
  • Initial Services
  • Inspections
  • Deed-in-Lieu
  • HOA Management
  • Utilities
  • Code Compliance
  • Property Registration Services

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