Our Technology

Our Cutting-Edge Technology

At Solid Foundation Properties (SFP), we leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional and highly efficient services, empowering our staff to manage assets precisely and effectively. We are committed to providing our partners with transparent oversight, so we offer 24-hour web access to our platform.

Partnership with FSM Global

SFP takes pride in its strategic partnership with FSM Global, a leading provider of enterprise-wide technology solutions in the financial and mortgage services industries. This collaboration lets us stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring our services are always at the cutting edge.

Field Power Platform Integration

Our flagship technology, the Field Power platform, seamlessly integrates with industry-leading technology platforms, such as InspectorAde, EZ Inspections, PRUVAN, and more. This integration enhances our capabilities and delivers superior client and partner results.

Benefits of Our Technology

  • Efficiency: Our technology streamlines processes, enabling us to manage assets efficiently and effectively.
  • Transparency: With 24-hour web access, our partners have complete transparency and real-time oversight.
  • Accuracy: Our integrated platforms ensure accuracy in every aspect of property management.
  • Reliability: We rely on industry-proven solutions to provide consistent, reliable services.
  • Innovation: By staying connected to the latest advancements, we continually innovate our services to meet evolving industry needs.

At SFP, we believe that technology is the cornerstone of our success. It empowers us to deliver top-tier property preservation services while maintaining the highest standards of transparency and accountability. As we evolve with technology, we remain dedicated to providing our clients and partners with nothing less than excellence in every aspect of our operations.