Efficient GSE Property Management Services for
Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and FHA Conveyance

Managing Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) properties efficiently ensures compliance with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guidelines. Our end-to-end property management services encompass a comprehensive range of tasks to safeguard and enhance property value while adhering to regulatory requirements. Learn how our services can benefit you.

Section 1: GSE Properties Management

1.1 Property Inspection and Compliance
  • We conduct monthly inspections in compliance with Freddie Mac Form 1013 and Fannie Mae property inspection Form 30.
  • Comprehensive review of property inspection reports from field inspectors/vendors.
1.2 Insurable Damage Reporting
  • Prompt identification and reporting of insurable damages, ensuring timely claims processing.
1.3 Vacancy Management
  • Timely reporting of First Time Vacancy and completion of initial services.
  • Monitoring and preservation of vacant properties within GSE allowable.
1.4 Compliance and Approvals
  • Efficient filing of over-allowable approval requests on GSE platforms (HomeTracker┬« / PAID reimbursement systems).
  • Strict adherence to governing regulations on vacant/abandoned properties to prevent code violations.
1.5 Property Maintenance
  • Identification of vacant and qualified properties for scheduled lawn care and winterization.
  • Maintaining exterior neighborhood appeal to protect property value.

Section 2: FHA Conveyance Services

2.1 Conveyance Deadline Compliance
  • Ensuring properties are maintained to conveyance standards within the conveyance deadline (CDL).
2.2 Dedicated Asset Manager
  • A dedicated asset manager oversees smooth transitions from pre-sale to post-sale and finally to conveyance.
2.3 Damage Reporting and Remediation
  • Reporting insurable damages and distressed conditions to HUD through the P260 portal.
  • Offering remediation plans to rectify issues affecting property conveyance.
2.4 Monthly Property Condition Reports
  • Detailed monthly property condition reports (PCR) to verify ICC condition.
  • Prompt identification and reporting of property condition changes to HUD.
2.5 Timely Extensions
  • Requesting extensions of timelines when managing complex or troubled assets.
  • Ensuring properties undergo code violation renovation and meet HUD guidelines for conveyance.

Section 3: On-call Support

3.1 24/7 Availability
  • Round-the-clock on-call support to handle escalated events.
  • Facilitating communication between field vendors and clients for priority work orders.
3.2 Emergency Funding
  • Securing necessary funds and approvals for emergency work posing life and safety risks.
3.3 Vendor Follow-ups
  • Regular follow-ups and feedback to field vendors to ensure compliance with GSE and HUD timelines and servicing standards.


Our GSE property management services are designed to streamline processes, reduce risks, and enhance property values. Whether you need meticulous compliance with GSE guidelines or expert support for FHA conveyance, our team is dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for your property portfolio. Trust us to deliver quality, compliance, and peace of mind in property management.